2023 Jones Family Guest Cottage Special Offers

Sorry, there are no special offers available at the moment.
Please check back later for possible new specials.


General Notes: Specials & Last Minute Bookings* Require The Same
$200 Cleaning & Damage Retainer (CDR) As All Other Bookings.

Full Rental Payment & CDR Are Normally Due 10 Days Before Arrival,
At Which Time Standard Cheques Are Still Accepted, However
Other Payment Options Such As e-Transfer (Bank Account) or Cash,
or PayPal (add 3%) For Credit Cards Are Also Available.

*Full Rental Payment & CDR On Last Minute Bookings Must Be Received
At Least 1 Day Before Arrival (Only When Agreed Upon) And Payment
May Be Made By e-Transfer or Cash, PayPal (add 3%) Or Certified Cheque.
Standard Cheques Are Not Accepted If Less Than 10 Days Before Arrival.

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