2023 Guest Cottage Rental Rates
NOTE: Rates are based on a single family unit of 6 or less. A family unit is generally defined as the parent(s) and their children under the age
of majority (18) (i.e. 2 Generations); however, the possible addition of grandparents or similar relatives may be allowed (i.e. 3 Generations).
Although the cottage can sleep up to 9, there is a $25/Night charge for any more than the 6 person limit. Guests are allowed to have visitors
during their rental period within reason (i.e. a reasonable number of visitors at a time, not staying past midnight or overnight).
Nights of June 23rd through Aug 31st 7 Nights of June 30th through July 6th (Canada Day Long Weekend)
Note: Weeks with Holiday dates have special rates (i.e. add $50). 7 Nights of Aug 4th through Aug 10th (Terry Fox Day Long Weekend)
  Note: Labour Day Long Weekend Is Now Available To Rent!
Summer Weekly (7 Nights Fri-Fri) Summer Weekly (7 Nights Fri-Fri) For Holiday Weeks
$995 $1045
Add $995 per Week to a maximum of 21 total Nights. Add $995 per Week to a maximum of 21 total Nights.
Nights of May 5th through June 22nd Night of May 21st (Victoria Day Long Weekend)
Nights of Sept 1st through Oct 12th Night of Oct 8th (Thanksgiving Day Long Weekend)
Note: Nights on Holiday dates have special rates (i.e. add $25).  
Spring & Fall Per Night (3 Night Min, 7th Night Always Free) Spring & Fall 3 Night Holiday Weekend Rate
3 Night Minimum = $375 3 Night Minimum = $400
Add $125 per Night to a maximum of 21 total Nights. Add $125 per Night to a maximum of 21 total Nights.
7th Night Always Free for Spring & Fall Rentals 7th Night Always Free for Spring & Fall Rentals on Holiday Weeks
i.e. 6 or 7 Nights = $750 i.e. 6 or 7 Nights = $775
RESERVATIONS:  Reservations are required for all dates - Spring/Fall: 3 Nights Minimum, 21 Nights Maximum. Summer: Weekly (7, 14, 21 Nights).
A $200.00 (or $206.50 via PayPal) Cleaning + Damage Retainer (CDR) is required on all rentals and returned after satisfactory inspection of cottage.
(The cabin is clean when you arrive, so please clean the cabin before you leave or risk losing some or all of your deposit.)
Minimum 50% of total agreement is required when booking. Balance of agreement + $200.00 CDR is due 10 days before arrival.
Days lost through late arrival or early departure will be charged in full based on the cancellation policy (see below).
NOTE: Rental & CDR payments can be mailed in by cheque (minimum 10 days before arrival), or can be paid online
either through e-transfer (i.e. Interac) or via PayPal (i.e. Credit Card Payments) to
If using PayPal, please add 3% to total due to cover fees taken by PayPal on all transactions when receiving online payments.
Holiday Date Rates: Add $25 for Spring & Fall Long Weekends or $50 for Summer Holiday Weeks.
2023 Spring & Fall Daily Rates: 3 Nights Minimum Stay, 21 Nights Maximum Stay
2023 Summer "Weekly" Rates: 7, 14 or 21 Nights Friday to Friday
2023 Check-In Time is anytime after 4:00 PM and appreciated if before 8:00 PM when possible. Please call/text if you expect to be any later.
2023 Check-Out Time is by 2:00 PM to allow enough time for us to maintain the cottage and property before the next guest arrives.
Note: On your day of departure it may be possible to leave your refridgerated goods in our care while at the beach for the rest of the day. Please ask if interested.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Reservations are non transferable. Rates charged for cancellations given in writing are as follows:
More than 2 months prior to confirmed arrival date - No Charge - Full Deposit Refunded
2 months to 28 days prior to confirmed arrival date - $20 (length of stay doesn't matter).
22 to 28 days prior to confirmed arrival date - 10% of first 7 days, nothing for additional days.
15 to 21 days prior to confirmed arrival date - 25% of first 7 days*, 10% of next 7 days, nothing for additional days.
8 to 14 days prior to confirmed arrival date - 50% of first 7 days*, 25% of next 7 days*, 10% of any additional days.
3 to 7 days prior to confirmed arrival date - 75% of first 7 days*, 50% of next 7 days*, 25% of any additional days.
Less than 3 days prior to confirmed arrival date - 100% of first 7 days*, 75% of next 7 days*, 50% of any additional days*.
* NOTE: We will always try to rent the cottage out for any cancelled dates, and if successful will reduce the rate to 10% for those dates.
RESTRICTIONS: No excessive noise from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and NO SMOKING OR FREE ROAMING PETS ALLOWED IN CABIN.
Note: We will allow well-behaved dogs in the yard during the day, and in a kennel or confined area indoors overnight, but the renter is responsible for
cleaning any messes made by the dog (indoors and out) and removal of all dog hair from the cottage to help prevent any alergy issues for future renters.
Not provided: Maid cleaning services are NOT provided. Please be sure when you leave that the cottage is as clean (or close to it) as when you arrived.
Garbage & Recycling bins are available on-site and are emptied at check-out (or upon guest request) by the back cottage residents. In order to keep
Skunks, Raccoons and Bears away, please do not leave garbage outside of bins overnight. Your clean paper & cardboard items can be burned in the
brick fire pit, or else they can be placed beside the on-site bins or inside the wood shed to be burned at the next fire. Please, don't burn any plastics.
The back cottage residents will empty the outdoor bins when full and take contents to the transfer station/dump (usually on Fridays) at no cost to you.
Otherwise if the bins should become overfilled, the Grand Marais Transfer Station/dump is located on Highway #12 about 5.6Km from our property
(about a 5 minute drive) and is open Thursday through Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at a minimal cost of $2 per 26" x 36" (~65L) bag of garbage.
There is no charge to drop off recyclable materials, so please keep these items separated from actual garbage in the provided onsite outdoor bins.
Recyclable material should be divided into 4 groups: 1) Glass, 2) Cans & Plastics, 3) Larger Metal Items, and 4) Burnable Paper & Cardboard.
COTTAGE AREA (~564 Sq Ft): Full kitchen, living/dining room, 3 piece bathroom (toilet, sink, shower), front (6.5' x 7') & rear (6' x 17') decks.
Bedroom #1 - C shape metal futon with single/twin top bunk & bottom futon opens to double/full bed w/17" TV/VHS Combo in bedroom.
Bedroom #2 - double/full bed (54"x75") w/20" TV in bedroom. Bedroom #3 - double/full bed (54"x75") w/14" TV in bedroom.
Note: Couch in livingroom pulls out to a double/full bed if required, and a play yard/crib and baby monitors are available upon request.
Cottage is equipped with: light housekeeping tools (broom, mop, vacuum), 17 ft³ fridge/freezer, stove/oven, microwave, slow cooker, toaster oven,
toaster, coffee maker, pots & pans, dishes & cutlery, hot/cold running water for washing dishes & showers, hot/cold drinking water cooler,
A/C, electric fireplace and electric heaters, reversible ceiling fan (heat or cool), 43" Sharp Roku 4K UHD TV, Bell Satellite, DVD & VHS players,
Starlink High-Speed (50+ Mbps) Internet access (via WiFi & LAN Cable), VoIP phone service & answering machine system.
All bedrooms have clean bed linen, pillows and a comforter or blanket for each bed, and we do supply a few dish cloths and 2 bath towels.
We also supply 5 gallons of drinking water per week stayed via a full spare jug, and there is usually some remaining in the water cooler jug.
If required, jug refill/exchanges can be purchased from the local MLCC/Village Grocery Store for $6/Jug.
Note: We have many DVD and VHS movies located in our back Family cottage which are available to lend out during your visit.
Available outside cottage (on lot): Propane Bar-B-Que on rear deck. We supply 20lb of propane per week stayed via a full spare tank, and there is
always some propane still available in the attached tank. If you require more than what is provided, tank refills can be purchased from the local stores.
Brick Fire Pit at front of property. We also supply some starter paper & firewood for the fire pit. If you plan to have a lot of fires, firewood can
be purchased by the bag from the local XTR Gas/Central Station Convenience Store for $9/bag or you can bring your own clean burning wood.
There is enough space on the right side of the front gate entrance to park 2 guest vehicles, or 1 guest vehicle and their utility or boat/trailer.
Reserved Family Parking: 2 spaces on left side of gate entrance, plus 1 space on far right side of gate entrance beside the light post (our utility trailer).
NOTE: It is NOT necessary to replace/refill water jugs, propane, firewood, toilet paper, paper towels or dish soap before your departure.
Outdoor Above Ground Pool Use: During summer weeks (Late June through July and August) an above ground pool will be
set up in the yard and available to cottage renters from 9:00 AM until 10:00 PM (except when under maintenance).
Pool Safety & Proper Use instructions are also available in the cottage & at the pool. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.